Assassin’s Creed III: Glitch Edition – short review

Posted: April 19, 2013 in PS3, Reviews
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Straight off the bat loyal fans will realise that they are just trying to get out yearly series now and it is truly sickening. However, it is still a good game, when it doesn’t glitch on you that is. The story begins with you play as Connors father and when it goes from that back to the little child you start to think why did you even introduce me to him in the first place? But as the story progresses you start to realise that this background knowledge was crucial for you to understand the story a bit better later on. But nothing can make me understand what they were thinking of the ending, Mass Effect 3 anyone?

In all seriousness, the story and visuals are usually the backbone of a game, the thing that keeps it stable and with epic cinematic sand graphics I believe this game achieves that. On the other hand, I have noticed that certain buildings look like they have not even been rendered before release and sometimes the buildings take a bit too long to load up but other then that the visuals are great. The story is nothing special, it won’t give you much of a history lesson but hey you get to meet George Washington! Yet again, the ending kills it completely, like I won’t ruin it for you but just explore before you go hunting for the ending , you will be disappointed.

In terms of the game play, they have added new features but nothing that will make the combat particularly hard. However, I must say I do not like the addition of guns, they can shoot you from far away and you lose a big chunk of your life, I know you’re meant to use a human shield but it is just a pesky little addition. On  top of this, the game does have some game breaking glitches and at one point I myself never wanted to play again as it was glitch after glitch and if you are going for those lovely trophies/ achievements, this will be extremely frustrating. From icons not appearing on the map to the fact that the pivots system is flawed in so many ways, this game needs significant patches. Other then that, there is a lot to be done in this game, from homestead missions, to collect feathers, there is a lot of time to be had with this game.

Anyways, enough about how glitch-infested this game is, on to the multiplayer. I actually really like the multiplayer, especially the wolf pack mode where you fight against the clock either with friends or random people to go all the way to sequence 25. Each sequence is significantly more difficult and to really maximise your time you have to do INCOGNITO kills. In terms of the regular multiplayer, again really good, it is a refreshing break from the story and allows you to just have fun and is a much better concept than call of duty games to be quite honest.


I hope you enjoyed and as always happy gaming!



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